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Cancellation Policy Cancellation Policy is consistent with the current IDG-wide policy implemented by the Global Web Advertising Network.


A signed insertion order is required to hold space/inventory on the web site. Once the space has been confirmed in writing by the, an advertiser may cancel with no penalty if at least two weeks advance notice is given prior to the agreed-upon start date. Cancellations or changes in orders must be made in writing to If less than two weeks notice is given, or if the campaign has already started, the advertiser is 100% accountable for the cost of impressions planned for up to two weeks after the cancellation date. If a contracted program is not completed, program rates will be adjusted to rates earned based on impressions run and current rate card, and the advertiser will be billed for the applicable adjustment.

Example: If a cancellation were received one week prior to the start date, an advertiser would be liable (and invoiced) for 1 week's worth of impressions according to the insertion order. If a cancellation is received on the planned start date, the advertiser would be liable (and invoiced) for two week's worth of impressions according to the insertion order.

Delayed Start Dates

If an advertiser or its agency delays the scheduled start date of a campaign, the advertiser will be held accountable for the inventory and billed according to the insertion order. is not responsible if campaign receives fewer impressions than originally contracted. may also use prior ad material if new ad material is not received on time.

Change Orders

Changes for start/stop dates will be treated like cancellations (see above). Changes for materials/creative must be received three days in advance of date change requested.

Makegoods will only give banner makegoods when we are in error of not posting an ad properly or if we do not meet the contracted number of ad impressions in the month allotted. Make goods will be in the form of additional days, added impressions, or impression credits for future campaigns. Cash make goods are not available, and no make goods will apply if advertiser or any of its contractors are in error (e.g. incorrect paperwork, incorrect creative or not making the banner deadline). Makegoods are not available for banner tracking reports in the event that technical difficulties make this information temporarily unavailable. will not be bound by conditions printed or appearing on insertion orders or copy instructions that conflict with the provisions of this policy.


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