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NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: AlphaCom E26 High Availability Exchange

September 25, 2008

Zenitel, international market leader in integrated communication solutions for the professional market, launches its STENTOFON AlphaCom E26 High Availability Exchange with active-standby IP ports. Owners of the standard STENTOFON AlphaCom E26 have the option to buy a new Upgrade Kit to promote the AlphaCom using redundant processor cards.

With over 60 years of experience in providing voice communication for critical environments, Zenitel knows better than most how loss of communication in an emergency can make a bad situation even worse. The STENTOFON AlphaCom E exchanges have proven to be extremely reliable in these situations but in order to improve the product range further still, Zenitel has decided to launch a high availability extension package especially for the AlphaCom E26.

Made for mission critical communication solutions, the AlphaCom E26 High Availability Exchange is based on the AlphaCom E26 exchange, with a set of additional high availability functions to reduce and minimize system downtime. A heartbeat function acts as a server failure detection agent monitoring the status of the processor cards. If a software or hardware failure is detected, an automatic failover to the standby main processor (AMC-IP) card is performed with active fencing taking place to the failed processor card. The AlphaCom application is then restored, followed by the IP addresses and then the reconnection of the IP stations and VoIP AlphaNet links takes place. Restoring the AlphaCom application and reconnecting the stations and links take just 180 seconds, reducing the downtime of an E26 exchange to simply the time it takes for the standby AMC-IP card to take over.

The STENTOFON AlphaCom E26 has always supported redundant power supplies. By operating in load sharing mode, each power supply unit (PSU) is loaded far below its capacity creating lower stress on the components than for which they were designed. Combining the redundant processor card with redundant power supplies and adding redundant fan units and redundant AlphaNet routes, STENTOFONís internal networking technology, increases the reliability of the new High Availability exchange exponentially.

The AlphaCom High Availability Exchange is sold with dual AMC-IP cards providing automatic switch over together with an additional AMC-IP filter card, or as a High Availability extension package with AMC-IP card (including filtercard) and APC upgrade kit. Zenitelís latest STENTOFON redundant AMC-IP solution can also be used in the smaller AlphaCom E20 exchange but without the support of redundant power supplies.

To determine the best exchange and solution for your communication needs, Zenitel invites you to contact your local STENTOFON office by calling + 47 40 00 25 00 or by visiting

3rd July 2008

For further information on this News Release, please contact:
Zoť Redman, Marketing Manager, Zenitel Norway AS
Tel: + 47 40 00 25 00 E-mail:

About Zenitel

Established in 1901, Zenitel is an international market leader in integrated communication solutions for the professional market, where fast, reliable and secure communication is essential.

Zenitel systems are proven for many fascinating businesses like healthcare institutions, prisons and jails, transportation providers, highly secure buildings, industrial and public safety customers, and maritime vessels. All demand time-critical communications for protecting lives, health, property and improving the overall efficiency of the organization.

The well known brands STENTOFONģ, VINGTOR, STEENHANS, RADIOTEKNIK, MCCN, CHUCHUBI, RING-MASTER, M100 and ASACOM are developed and marketed by Zenitel.

Zenitel is a listed company (Euronext). The headquarters of Zenitel are in Brussels.



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