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Zenitel Guarantees Communication in the Subway of Chili

September 25, 2008

Metro de Santiago, one of the major players in the public transportation system of the Chilean capital, daily transporting more than 2.2 million passengers, is building two new extensions to its existing network. To make sure that all these passengers can rely on secure and fast transport, Zenitel, in cooperation with the Chilean company Sometec SA, will supply “behind the scenes” communication essential for smooth, reliable and uncomplicated operation.
Zenitel and Sometec SA have signed a contract to install a new ground-to-train communication system for both extensions; the contract also includes the improvement of the existing Control Centre of the Santiago Metro. Zenitel will take care of the critical communication between the train drivers and the control centre supervisors and thus help the “Empresa de Transporte de Pasajeros Metro S.A”, owner of the Santiago Metro, to provide a service of excellence to his passengers.
The Metro of Santiago critical communication system which uses electrical power lines as transmission means, falls completely within Zenitels expertise and is based on other references such as the Paris Subway, Marseille Subway and Mexico City Subway. The contract, including a ten year maintenance contract, is worth 2.9 million € for Zenitel.
With both extensions in operation, the Santiago Metro network will reach by 2010, a total length of 104.5 km with 105 stations.

To find out more about critical communication from Zenitel, please call + 47 40 00 25 00 or visit

28th August 2008

For further information on this News Release, please contact:
Zoé Redman, Marketing Manager, Zenitel Norway AS
Tel: + 47 40 00 25 00 E-mail:

About Zenitel

Established in 1901, Zenitel is an international market leader in integrated communication solutions for the professional market, where fast, reliable and secure communication is essential.

Zenitel systems are proven for many fascinating businesses like healthcare institutions, prisons and jails, transportation providers, highly secure buildings, industrial and public safety customers, and maritime vessels. All demand time-critical communications for protecting lives, health, property and improving the overall efficiency of the organization.

The well known brands STENTOFON®, VINGTOR, STEENHANS, RADIOTEKNIK, MCCN, CHUCHUBI, RING-MASTER, M100 and ASACOM are developed and marketed by Zenitel.

Zenitel is a listed company (Euronext). The headquarters of Zenitel are in Brussels.



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