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Pin code improves security

November 12, 2008

Use of pin code identification is a simple and reliable way to enhance the security of different identification systems. Personal pin codes prevent using access control cards which for some reason or other are in the wrong hands. It is more than reasonable to protect environments with high security requirements like banks, power plants, government buildings etc. by using a combination of an ID card and a personal pin code in their access control systems.

Idesco offers several pin code readers with various technology options. Idesco’s Access pin pad readers are robust and vandal resistant and as they withstand dirt, moisture and temperature changes they are a perfect solution also for outdoor installations. There are no moving parts in the pin pad, so they do not require maintenance.

The latest member in Idesco’s Access pin reader palette is Access Quattro Pin, the elegant pin pad reader for electric socket installations. Idesco provides also Access Pin Illuminatum readers with a lighted keypad. They are a user-friendly choice for environments without a light source. The keypad is lighted only when needed: it is visible after activation by a contactless RFID transponder, or, by keypad presses.

Idesco lays very much emphasis on reader design and we are proud to be able to provide elegant readers which are very robust and functional at the same time. The design of Access Pin readers is protected by international registration.
For further information, please contact: Timo Jauhiainen, VP, Sales & Marketing, tel: +358 20 743 4175, e-mail:, address: Idesco Oy, Teknologiantie 9, 90570 Oulu, Finland,
Idesco provides secure and scalable identification solutions that are designed to meet the business demands of our customers. We offer solutions for access control, automated vehicle identification and other industrial and logistics applications.

Founded in 1989, Idesco is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the field of RFID technology. Over the years, Idesco has become known as a pioneering provider of innovative technological alternatives and multiple technologies to different application areas.

Idesco Oy


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