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Smart RFID applications with Idesco’s Desktop readers

November 12, 2008

Idesco provides now easy-to-use Desktop readers which are a perfect tool for versatile data collection, identification, payment, vending, locking, card reading and encoding applications.

These compact-sized and good-looking readers have been designed to be installed on a wall or on the surface of another device. Alternatively, they can be used on a desk, for instance as an easy desk tool for encoding cards. The innovative housing enables also locking applications for instance in hotel rooms to control electricity and other functions like water supply. This kind of readers are becoming and essential part of equipment in modern hotels as they support energy saving.

The totally new well-designed Desktop housing can be equipped with Idesco’s various reader modules supporting different RFID technologies, suitable for various applications.

The new Desktop readers are also available with a USB connection. Readers with a USB interface are a perfect solution e. g. for vending machine applications where they operate collecting data of the vending machine use and vending processes in real-time. USB interface is available for Access 7 C reader modules with 13,56 MHz technology, Access 8 CM and 8 CM t modules with Mifare® R/O technology, Access 9 CM reader with Mifare® R/W technology and for IR 6090 B reader module with Microlog technology. These modules are available also with Access Basic housing with a USB interface.
For further information, please contact: Timo Jauhiainen, VP, Sales & Marketing, tel: +358 20 743 4175, e-mail:,
Idesco provides secure and scalable identification solutions that are designed to meet the business demands of our customers. We offer solutions for access control, automated vehicle identification and other industrial and logistics applications.

Founded in 1989, Idesco is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the field of RFID technology. Over the years, Idesco has become known as a pioneering provider of innovative technological alternatives and multiple technologies to different application areas.

Idesco Oy


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