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Videolarm Introduces New Adjustable Illumination Technologies For Nighttime Surveillance

December 8, 2008

cameras, the white light LED offers high definition lighting and an adjustable beam angle that can be positioned from 10° up to 180° with once camera unit and a full 360° with two.

Different from standard outdoor lighting kits that fall short of delivering a light source that can capture true-to-life color of vehicles or other objects at night; the White Adjustable Light LED kit’s powerful beam ensures crystal clear images in full, vivid color - even metallics. The White Light LED Kit is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Adjustable Infrared Illuminator (IR300-180)
Provides superior nighttime and covert video surveillance, illuminating distances up to 1,000m / 3,280ft. Its powerful 850 nanometer (nm) projection beam can be adjusted from 10° to 180°. By adding an additional IR, true 360° coverage can be achieved. The compact design can be mounted directly to surfaces and/or poles. The IR300-180 is backed with Videolarm’s impressive five-year warranty.

“Organizations are seeking energy efficient, high-performance, reliable illuminators to improve low light and nighttime surveillance,” said Ray Pagano, Videolarm president. “We have devoted a lot of research and development to carefully align our technology offerings to meet these requirements.”

Both of the new illuminator products are available now for purchase.

About Videolarm, Inc.
Surveillance camera and accessory manufacturer, Videolarm,, developed the first outdoor dome enclosure in 1976. For the past 30+ years, Videolarm has been providing innovative surveillance solutions to Schools and Universities, Parking and Correctional facilities, Hospitals, Retail centers, Nuclear and Water Management plants through its international network of distributors, integrators, installers, and OEMs. The privately owned manufacturer is located in Decatur, GA, just east of Atlanta.

Press Contact:
Paulette Brown, Brown Communications Inc. 770-577-3881,



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